Looking for projects preferably with a span of three months or more. Always available to jumpstart something in an emergency.

Mostly in chronological order

Scailable Engineer

TL;DR platform for AI at the Edge

Engineer at Scailable. Managing AI/ML models on edge devices. Responsible for cloud-infrastructure and technology stack.

Duration: 1+ years.
Technology includes Go, Rust, Python, Terraform, PostgreSQL.
Links Scailable.


TL;DR platform for live-streaming concerts

Developing the back-end in collaboration with Jeroen Schmit (Slim & Dapper).

Duration: months.
Technology includes Python, Serverless, aws/cloudformation, /dynamodb and /cognito.
Links GÂRDEN, Slim & Dapper.

Part-up CTO

TL;DR platform for matching talent and work

Chief Technology Officer at Part-up. Responsible for all critical tech decisions concerning the creation of our matching platform. Management of the development team.
The platform enables higher work efficiency, happiness and lower costs by matching talent and work and empowering management with insights into talents and work.

Duration: 1 year.
Technology includes Python, aws/cloudformation, /rds and /cognito, PostgreSQL.
Links Platform (customers-only).

Part-up Team Lead

TL;DR platform for matching talent and work

The client has a platform for making talent great and work small. The platform matches talent and work. And a collaboration tool to get the work done.
Working as team lead, back-end and devops engineer.

Duration: 2+ years.
Technology includes Python, aws/cloudformation, /rds and /cognito, PostgreSQL.
Links Platform (customers-only).

Municipality Schiedam

TL;DR various self-hosted websites

The client has a VMware infrastructure with mostly Windows servers. I defined, installed and configured their Linux cluster set-up. The set-up is a (D)TAP installation. Configuration is managed by Ansible and production is small cluster of 3 servers.
Working as operations engineer.

Duration: 1+ years.
Technology includes Ansible, Varnish, MariaDB.
Links Gemeente Schiedam.


TL;DR systems development and developer empowerment

The client delivers video, phone, payment and real-time systems for their clients. I complemented their development team.
Worked directly on all the various subsystems. Complemented their Wowza implementation with custom video based on MPEG, JPEG solutions built with WebSockets using Go and C. Added payment providers. Worked on and improved their metrics collection, including adding Prometheus w/ Grafana backends. Re-designed and implemented their development set-up to have isolated environments for each developer and proper environments for production and staging. Broke up their mono-repository into smaller more manageable repositories with defined requirements.

Duration: 2 years.
Technology includes Symfony, Go, C, Wowza, Salt, HAProxy, NGINX.

Net Ground, later part of KPN Internedservices

TL;DR secure systems development

The client was delivering managed hosting, mail, domain, VPN and other related solutions to its clients.
I created a new layered platform for managing these resources in a uniform way. From the high-level solution they sold to their clients to the sub-resources they required to operate. The platform was ISO-certified and also scrutinised by their own security standards.

Duration: 2 years.
Technology includes Symfony/Silex, Go, OpenSSL, Ansible.
Website: Internedservices.

Thriving Things

TL;DR eat your own dog food

I run my company using Git *everything*. Everything is committed and pushed/pulled to a remote. I run Gitlab including CI/CD pipe-lines. OpenVPN for secure access with web-interfaces from any device. Gollum (Wiki) for unstructured data.

Technology includes OpenVPN, Go, Docker, Ubuntu, Letsencrypt, Prometheus, Grafana.

Before Thriving Things

Two Kings, 4 years

Humanique (owned company), 10 years, 5-10 employees

  • closed source cms
  • websites
  • public & private applications
  • business development

Facing Facts, 4 years

  • systems management
  • websites
  • SGI hardware