Software architect, team lead and practical engineer. Currently working as CTO for Part-up.

Software architect

I have extensive experience as an engineer in various programming languages, stacks and back-end programming. Experience with front-end programming and affinity with UI/UX requirements.
I have done projects in Go, Python, PHP, Java, Javascript and extensively used modern SQL. Installed clouds and servers using Ansible and Salt. Deployed software with Docker and build stacks with CloudFormation and Serverless. Configured NGINX, Haproxy, PostgreSQL, Redis and many, many moreā€¦

Team lead

I am a respectful and patient team lead, motivating and empowering a team to deliver value to the client. I balance technical requirements, client deliverables and end-user values.
Good communication skills with product owners, other team members and users. Optimistic and motivated to motivate others to their best work.

Practical engineer

I am always thoughtful in delivering value vs maintaining good software practices. I know how to prioritize team, technical and client requirements and implementations. Always making sure the technical debt doesn't accumulate.