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About me


Software architect and engineer with full-stack experience.
Autodidact since the dawn of the PC. Likes to walk the fine line between starting fresh and keeping the old.
Interested in performance and security issues.

Available to work on premise if required.

Expertise in

  • New software design.
  • Complete or partial redesign of production software.
  • Refactoring of critical issues.
  • Solo and team implementation.
  • Management of external development.
  • Continuous integration and deployment.
  • Deployment and orchestration.
  • Cloud architecture.
  • Independent development.

Expert knowledge of

  • vClouds, Docker and Kubernetes architecture.
  • Vagrant, Ansible and Salt orchestration.
  • Go, Javascript, Typescript, PHP and similar languages.
  • Symfony, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js and equivalent frameworks.
  • iOS and Android development, native and non-native.